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Faith Formation provides resources, webinars and an online gathering space for faith formation leaders to learn and connect.

This is your one-stop hub of formation resources for all ages, curated through an Anabaptist lens.


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A Guide for Biblical Studies

Written from a Church of the Brethren perspective, A Guide for Biblical Studies is issued quarterly and contains daily NRSV scriptures, lessons, and questions for

Anabaptist Disabilities Network

The Anabaptist Disabilities Network: connects and supports people who have disabilities, their families, and faith communities to create a culture of belonging for everybody, provides

Ben’s Story

In Ben’s Story, an Iraq War veteran Benjamin Peters reflects on war, peace and the call to follow Jesus. This set of six videos and

Bible Memory Verses

A list of Shine at Home Bible Memory Verses, arranged by age, that help kids and families explore the Bible story.

Bread Not Stones

When our children are asking us for things more complicated than bread – like spiritual guidance – how do we meet that need in the

Building Faith

Providing an Anabaptist-based resource for the people who raise and teach young children.

Christian Practices: Baptism

Baptism celebrates God’s act of redemption in the believer. It is an outward, visible sign of an inner, spiritual transformation made possible through the resurrected Christ. –Minister’s Manual

Christian Practices: Bible Study

JUMP TO SECTION Methods Tools Bible Study Methods Swedish method – a simple method to use individually or with a group Swedish method blank template

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