Christian Practices: Baptism


Instruction for Baptism

Baptism celebrates God’s act of redemption in the believer. It is an outward, visible sign of an inner, spiritual transformation made possible through the resurrected Christ. –Minister’s Manual

These resources were all created by Mennonites.


God’s Story, Our Story: Exploring Christian Faith and Life. By Michele Hershberger; MennoMedia, 2013. Addresses essential issues of Christian faith through an engaging survey of the biblical story and sidebars containing real conversations from believers of all ages. Suitable for group or individual study. A companion piece to Making Disciples.

Making Disciples: Preparing People for Baptism, Christian Living, and Church Membership. By April Yamasaki; Faith and Life Resources, 2003. Download. This practical guide helps pastors and other church leaders invite, instruct, baptize and follow-up with new members. Includes an adaptable 10-session study plan linked with God’s Story, Our Story and the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective.

Through Fire and Water: An overview of Mennonite History. By Harry Loewen, Steven Nolt, Carol Duerksen and Elwood Yoder; Herald Press, 2010. Presents the Mennonite faith story within the sweep of church history. This was written as a textbook for students in Mennonite high schools.

Testing the Waters: Basic Tenets of Faith Discover the biblical roots for the central Christian concepts of covenant, community, and baptism. This short course is a way to test the (baptismal) waters of Christianity before diving in, or review the basics for those who already have. 6 sessions. Generation Why series.

Begin Anew / Empezar de Nuevo by Palmer Becker, Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada, 2014. A 16-session series of studies to make adult disciples in small groups and congregations. Based on the idea that Christianity is a combination of believing, belonging, becoming, and behaving, this discipleship resource is for anyone interested in growing in Christian faith from an Anabaptist perspective, regardless of their background or previous church experience.

Online Resources

Confession of Faith in Mennonite Perspective 1995


The Quickest Ever DVD Guide to Anabaptists and their Values. Mennonite Health Services Alliance, 2009. 4 minutes.

The Radicals. Based on the Myron Augsburger book, Pilgrim Aflame, the story of the Michael and Margaretha Sattler and the early Anabaptists in 1525. 99 minutes.

Who are the Mennonites? Can you tell if someone is a Mennonite just by looking? This 3 1/2-minute video dispels that myth and explores Mennonite history, beliefs and practices.


Anabaptist Essentials by Palmer Becker
A clear, readable guide on what makes Anabaptist Christianity distinctive. Organized around the core values, “Jesus is the center of our faith; community is the center of our life; reconciliation is the center of our work.”

Confession of Faith in Mennonite Perspective
A statement in 24 articles adopted by Mennonite Church USA for teaching and nurture.

What we believe together by Alfred Neufeld
Explores the seven Shared Convictions adopted by the Mennonite World Conference General Council.

The Bible as Story: An introduction to biblical literature by Marion G. Bontrager, Michele Hershberger and John E. Sharp
The biblical narrative is and has always been one overarching story of God interacting with people to bring healing from the devastating effects of sin.

Living the Anabaptist Story
This accessible history tells the story of how adult Christians of the 1500s first shaped the Anabaptist believers church tradition and of how it lives on today and can be joined by any who identify with Anabaptist understandings of following Christ.

Beliefs: Mennonite Faith and Practice

Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be

Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness
All by John D. Roth; Herald Press, 2004, 2006, 2009.

Webinar Recordings

Planning Baptism Instruction Class

A Gathering Place webinar from April 23, 2019. A panel of pastors share their best practices: Andrea Wall, Paula Snyder Belousek, Danilo Sanchez and Daniel Yoder.


Getting the Radical Back into Baptism

A Gathering Place webinar from October 5, 2017. Michele Hershberger, Bible and Ministry Professor at Hesston College, talks about ways to make baptism more biblical, more memorable and more of a catalyst for lasting transformation for our youth.

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