MEA Investment Fund, LLC

Various schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, congregations, area conferences and other programs within Mennonite Church USA have partnered with MEA for the management and investment of certain endowment funds, scholarship funds and other financial assets owned by the institutions that are integrated into an investment pool.

Investment and spending policies reflect the need for balance between meeting current income needs and preserving purchasing power over the longer term. The primary purpose of the MEA investment fund is to provide an enduring source of support to the endowed and scholarship programs of institutions within Mennonite Church USA. The spending policy was designed with two objectives in mind (both within the confines of socially responsible investing):

  • Provide current programs with a predictable, stable stream of revenue
  • Ensure that the purchasing power of this revenue stream does not decline over time and that the competing needs of current and future generations of students and faculty are kept in equilibrium

Pooling funds increases efficiency and allows investors access to investment vehicles that may not be available to individual institutions due to minimum investment requirements. Fee reductions are also available based on the size of the portfolio. For pool participants where socially responsible investing is a high priority, there are substantial savings in cost.


Left to right Back row: Aaron Ziulkowski, Aaron Wieand, Barry Bartel, Susan Taylor, Christine Jantz Front row: Katie Villegas, Chad Horning, JB Miller, Hannah Roth
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