Help for Sunday School Teachers


Be sure to keep a record of what material is taught when and by whom. This will keep your teachers from repeating material with the same kids. Here’s a curriculum planning chart you can use.

Finally, check out these Tips for Teaching High School Sunday School.


There are numerous elective studies from the Mennonite press. Here is a list of ideas. Here is a list of videos with discussion guides.

Of course there are MANY other publishers producing material for youth Sunday School. Say you find a great-looking curriculum but you’re not sure if you should use it. How do you decide whether it is appropriate? Mennonite Church USA has created a tool for you! MennoLens is a checklist and a guide to help you evaluate curriculum.

And here’s a quicker version: a “mini MennoLens” if you will.

Blessings to you as you teach our teens!

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