Alumni spotlight: Tim Charles, ’98, Lancaster Mennonite School


by Lancaster Mennonite School and available here

Refugee to homeowner: Tim Chalres ’98 supports global citizens locally

TIM CHARLES ‘98 comes from a long line of family who have been involved with refugee support and resettlement, including grandmother MIRIAM CHARLES ‘44, uncle and aunt JONATHAN ‘70 & RHODA ‘72 CHARLES, and parents DAVID ‘66 & MARTHA ‘68 CHARLES. Their family prioritizes Cultivating Global Citizens by putting a “high value on showing Christ-like love for people regardless of their nationality.”

In his work as an Associate Broker and Realtor with Kingsway Realty, Tim provides his services to refugees interested in home buying. “It takes extra work to help people who are new to U.S. customs, laws, finance, and architecture.  It takes a higher level of service in order to counsel them well.”

“I’m a better Realtor because of my diverse clients.” He feels blessed to have them not just as clients, but also as friends.

This is work he has been called to do, but he may not have found it without Lancaster Mennonite. […]

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