Teaching connection continues at Goshen College


by Lois Tomaszewski for The Goshen News and available here

Robina Sommers and Jason DuBois pose for a photo on the campus of Goshen College recently. Lois Tomaszewski | The Goshen News

GOSHEN — Proof that teachers and students can impact each other’s lives can be witnessed in the mutual admiration between educator Robina Sommers (Goshen College faculty, ’89 alum) and her student Jason DuBois. Their relationship developed each of the four times Sommers had DuBois as a student.

“My first year teaching High Ability students in fourth and fifth grades at Goshen Schools I had Jason as a student,” Sommers said. “My first year teaching 10th grade in high school, I had Jason as a student. My first year teaching in college, Jason was again one of my students.”

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