An extended family of Threshers at Bethel College


originally published by the Bethel College Alumni Office

On May 14, Bethany Regehr was the last of five siblings to graduate from Bethel College, as well as the latest in a line of extended-family alumni. The photos were taken at Bethany’s graduation party.

Left photo: From left, front: Curtiss Regehr ’78, Bethany Regehr ’23, Tammy Regehr, Katrina Regehr ’17; back, Max Taylor holding Jemma Taylor, Melinda (Regehr) Taylor ’15, Amanda (Regehr) Robinson ’13, Austin Robinson holding Bennett Robinson. Not pictured is Caleb Regehr ’11. Right photo: From left, front: Emily (Kliewer) Regehr ’10, Jared Regehr ’14, Melinda Taylor, Bethany Regehr, Amanda Robinson, Katrina Regehr; back: Jordon Regehr ’09, Tiffany (Kaufman) Regehr ’12, Justin Regehr ’11, Laurie (Voth) Regehr ’79, Donovan Regehr ’79, Curtiss Regehr

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