Resource Topic: Curriculum

Upside Down Living Series

Each compelling six-session Upside-Down Living Bible study helps us encounter the teachings of Jesus and wrestle with living out the kingdom here and now. This

Covenant Bible Study

Also from the Church of the Brethren, Covenant Bible Studies includes almost fifty titles, some of which focus on a book of the Bible and

A Guide for Biblical Studies

Written from a Church of the Brethren perspective, A Guide for Biblical Studies is issued quarterly and contains daily NRSV scriptures, lessons, and questions for

With the Word Studies

We draw closer to God when we spend time with the Word. This Bible study and devotional series explores specific books of the Bible from

The Upside-Down King

The Upside-Down King musical by Doug and Jude Krehbiel and Carol Duerksen was presented in a number of venues in 2008 and 2009, including the Mennonite

Rediscovering the Bible

Invite your class to this video series featuring Meghan Good teaching all about the Bible: what it is, how it was formed, why we read it and

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