Peaceful Options for Training and Careers (POTC) launches website for young adults seeking nonmilitary career opportunities


by Camille Dager for Mennonite Church USA and available here

POTC has a new website:

Peaceful Options for Training and Careers (POTC) has launched a website ( where young adults across the U.S. can find information about non-military career, service and training opportunities. POTC is an independent initiative formed by Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Central Committee to address the widespread issue of military recruitment on high school campuses.

“The United States military is in desperate need of recruits,” said Joe Roos, chair of the POTC Steering Committee. “They blanket high schools with promises of signing bonuses, exploring the world, patriotic glory and financial assistance for college after service.

“As an organization rooted in Anabaptism, POTC is deeply committed to nonviolence and strives to show young people that there are peaceful and meaningful alternatives to enlistment,” added Roos, who is also a retired pastor, lifelong peace advocate, former chair of the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network and serves on the board of the Friends of Sabeel North America. […]

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