From Goshen College: Service is a time to learn and grow


by Goshen College and available here

Each Study Service Term culminates in six weeks of service engagement with local organizations throughout the host country (casually referred to as “Service”). After the initial six weeks of cultural and academic study, the shift in location and purpose opens the door for powerful new experiences.

On our first visit to Mindo, we planted some trees and now they are bearing fruit and attracting pollinators.

Students have been scattered throughout the Andes and Amazon to work in schools, local governments, churches, and nonprofits. The scope of the work is varied: one student might teach English while another plants trees or distributes aid packages to refugees. The nature of Service often means that students face new challenges each day. Flexibility, patience, graciousness, and a healthy dose of good humor are key to a student’s success no matter their endeavor.

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