Bluffton University grad student participates in “twinning” project between North American Anabaptists and Gazans


Tareq Abuhalima is co-director at Bluffton’s Lion and Lamb Peace Center and a project manager for Youth Vision Society in Gaza

by Eileen Kinch for Anabaptist World and available here

Bob Atchison, left, and Tareq Abuhalima are part of the twinning of Manhattan Mennonite Church in Kansas and Youth Vision Society in Gaza. — Bob Atchison

For five months, the world’s focus on Gaza has been intense. But North American Anabaptists have been building relationships with people in Gaza through a twinning initiative for over four years.

The idea began with Jonathan Kuttab, a Palestinian human rights attorney in Manheim, Pa. He wondered how U.S. Christians could help the people of Gaza, who have been under Israeli restrictions on food, electricity, fishing and internet access since 2007. He put forth the idea to pair congregations in the United States with nonprofit organizations in Gaza. […]

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