Bluffton University ’06 alum: Stand firm in chaos


by Bluffton University and available here

2006 Bluffton alumna Bethny Ricks has led multiple billion-dollar business transformations over 18 years as a business executive.


During Bluffton University’s Jan. 23 Presidential Leadership Forum, “See Your Way Clear: Leading Through Chaos,” Bethny Ricks ’06, a business executive, author and Bluffton trustee, shared five leadership qualities and two traps to avoid as an effective and empathetic person.

She began the presentation with a few encouraging words to the mostly student audience in Yoder Recital Hall. 

“I see all of you as leaders because leadership doesn’t have anything to do with a title. It has to do with influence and the ability to move something from Point A to Point B and create momentum behind it,” Ricks explained. “All of you sitting there thinking you are not a leader; in some way you are—personally and in your future profession.”

Ricks then reflected on a question she was asked as a 29-year-old vice president during a panel discussion with executive women. 

“How do you stand firm in chaos, and how do you maintain momentum under pressure?”

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