Artist spotlight: SaeJin Lee


SaeJin Lee is a graduate of Goshen College and Bethany Christian Schools, both MEA partner schools.

by Eileen Kinch for Anabaptist World and available here

SaeJin Lee, “Let justice roll like a river,” acrylic and gold paint on paper, 9 in. by 12 in., 2020. — SaeJin Lee

Anabaptist World:  How did you become an artist?

SaeJin Lee: Understanding and accepting myself as an artist has been a journey.

As a child, I simply remember spending a lot of time creating — drawing, painting, making paper dolls and clothes, singing, etc. In my teenage years, my family immigrated to the United States from Korea, and when speaking in a new language became limiting, I found art as a method for self expression and acceptance. These were probably the years that I first thought about what it means to be an artist, taking every art class and other extracurricular opportunities offered at my high school (Bethany Christian Schools).

I entered Goshen College to study pre-med, but by my second year, I realized I was enjoying drawing lab apparatus much more than the labs themselves and really missed engaging art on a regular basis. I began understanding myself as an artist, not because I was making a living out of it, but simply because I accepted that making art made me feel most alive and present to my relationships. By my third year at Goshen College, I switched my major to Art and Bible/Religion/Philosophy, and cherished integrating the two fields in life.

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