Mary K. Oyer, Goshen College professor emerita of music, dies at 100 years old


by Goshen College and available here

Mary K. Oyer, professor emerita of music, died on January 11, 2024, in Goshen at the age of 100.

Oyer taught at Goshen College from 1945 to 1987, during which time she developed a Fine Arts course that became legendary among students and was instrumental in bringing wide recognition and acceptance of the fine arts in a Mennonite liberal arts education. She introduced more than 5,000 students to the fundamentals of art and music.

“Mary was a teacher, musician and scholar ahead of her time in so many ways,” said President Rebecca Stoltzfus. “She introduced Goshen College to a truly global soundscape and fundamentally shaped our strong arts and music culture. We are forever indebted to her.”

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