Alumni spotlight: Alexa Kennel, ’19 Dock Mennonite Academy


Alexa is a Sustainability and Environmental Specialist for AmeriCorps and is interviewed in this news clip from WVPE Elkhart/South Bend (Ind.).

Goshen looks to sweeten deal for bees, butterflies with 47-acre environmental preserve

WVPE 88.1 Elkhart/South Bend | By Marek Mazurek and available here

The sound of bees has become less and less common around the United States as the loss of prairie habitat and the continued use of pesticides has more than decimated their numbers over the past 20 years.

But Goshen is trying to reverse that trend by building a 47-acre wildlife sanctuary specifically designed to provide a habitat for endangered bees and butterflies. The sanctuary will go in on city land north of the Goshen airport and will feature a variety of prairie grass and flowers.

“We’re just restoring it back to what it was,” said Alexa Kennel, an environmental specialist with AmeriCorps currently working with the city of Goshen on the project.

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