Alum of Mennonite education, teacher, writes “Lament for Gaza”


Michael George, a Palestinian-American, laments the recent attacks from Hamas and ongoing war in Israel/Palestine. He wrote this blog post for Mennonite Church USA’s ongoing Learn, Pray, Join: Cost of War initiative.

Michael George is a high school social studies teacher at Lancaster Mennonite School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and attends Landisville (Pennsylvania) Mennonite Church. He is a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite School and Eastern Mennonite University and previously taught social studies at Philadelphia Mennonite High School and Dock Mennonite Academy. Michael currently helps to facilitate MennoPIN’s “Twinning with Gaza” Initiative. Michael’s father, Elias George, was born in Lydda, Palestine, in 1942, and attends Landisville Mennonite Church.


I serve on a committee with the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (MennoPIN), which builds relationships between congregations and groups in Gaza that are doing wonderful work in their communities. Last Sunday morning, I saw a photo of complete devastation in the city of a young man whom my congregation has built a relationship with over the past few years. This young man is an incredibly friendly and talented person who is impossible not to like. I was alarmed by the photo I saw and texted him immediately, inquiring about his well-being. He responded within a few minutes, letting me know that he was alright, but two of his friends had been killed. He then made a heartbreaking comment that I wished I could refute, but unfortunately, I know it’s the truth. He wrote:

“Families are waiting to die at any moment from the bombings by the pilots. There is no safe place.”

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