​Mennonite Schools Council (MSC), a network of Mennonite early childhood through grade twelve schools, is comprised of over thirty member schools. The schools share a commitment to value-added education that promotes excellence and teaches from a Christ-centered foundation. Whether in the classroom, on an athletic field, out in the community, or in the lunch room the schools are instilling Christ’s way of peace, reconciliation and service. Whether a student is in preschool, elementary, middle or high school, Mennonite education is making a positive difference!

The vision of MSC is to boldly open doors for C​hrist-centered Anabaptist education by innovatively networking and resourcing schools. Led by an executive committee comprised of appointed MSC administrators MSC members participate in a variety of events and programs including an Anabaptist Mennonite accreditation protocol, formal networking opportunities for administrators, music festivals and more.

Mennonite schools associated with Mennonite Church USA​ are eligible to apply for membership. For a complete list of benefits check out the MSC benefit page.