The Hispanic Ministries (HM) office of MEA provides Anabaptist theological education to Hispanic Mennonites. HM programs make theological education for ministerial formation flexible, accessible and affordable for Hispanic Mennonites through the options of a Bible institute, Instituto Bíblico Anabautista (IBA),a seminary, Seminario Bíblico Anabautista Hispano (SeBAH) and continuing education opportunities.

Most participants have discerned a call to leadership within their congregations, or are currently serving in pastoral positions. Most are bi-vocational and cannot leave their employment to study. Many have limited income which makes pursuing theological studies financially challenging. These grass-roots programs are helping to shape the future of Hispanic Mennonite congregations and ultimately all of Mennonite Church USA.

IBA and SeBAH are providing significant resources to area conferences as new congregations spring up across the country through leadership development in the HM programs. With a proven record of success the HM programs are flexible, adaptable, contextual and economical.

HM also provides a monthly Spanish language e-newsletter, MenoTicias, in collaboration with Mennonite Church USA. This newsletter features articles and stories of leadership development aimed at strengthening the Hispanic Mennonite church and its connection to HM. Past issues of the publication are found on Anabaptist World's webpage ​To subscribe to this publication visit

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