Continuing Education Opportunities

Mennonite Educators Conference (MEC)

A professional development conference for Mennonite educators early childhood through grade 12.

Curriculum and Instruction Resources

Anabaptist Faith Formation Curriculum

Anabaptist Dramatic Readings

Written by Alan and Eleanor Kreider, these short dramas bring to life select stories of early Anabaptists.

Financial Foundations Curriculum

Designed to raise up young people who understand and practice faith-based stewardship, this curriculum was developed by MSC and Everence​.


Journeys with God Bible Curriculum

A comprehensive PreK-8 Bible curriculum for classroom use.


MSC High School Bible Curriculum

An Anabaptist Bible curriculum used in the various Mennonite high schools. 


Encounter Resources for 4th to 11th grade. 

Encounter cover

Study Guide by Alma Ovalle

Teaching That Transforms


Written by John D. Roth, this book makes the case for a church-related alternative to public school, shaped by the distinctive emphases of the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition.


Through Fire and Water


Written by Harry Loewen and Steven M. Nolt, this book presents the Mennonite faith story within the sweep of church history. It is an introduction to the Mennonite faith story and a good text for teaching students at Mennonite institutions about Mennonite origins and beliefs.

Other Mennonite Schools Council Resources

MSC Music Festivals

Music festivals in band, orchestra, and choir bring together students from MSC member institutions. 

Faith Practices

A list of 15 statements of Anabaptist –Mennonite Faith in Practice in our Schools.


Accreditation for certification as an Anabaptist Mennonite educational institution.

About Mennonite Schools Council (MSC)

An in-depth look at Mennonite Schools Council and the benefits of membership.

Employment at a Mennonite Institution 

Job openings at Mennonite institutions early childhood through seminary.

Mennonite School Listing and Map

A map and listing of all the MSC schools, locations and websites.

Handbook to establish a Mennonite School

Interested in starting a Mennonite school? Click here to download a copy of the handbook developed by MSC in 2009​​​​​​​​.

MSC Policy Handbook​

Everything you need to know about being a member of MSC.

MSC Travel Pool Reimbursement Form​

Member schools of MSC share travel costs for MSC related events to help keep events affordable for all member schools regardless of geographic region. This form is for use by MSC members following travel to MSC events.​​​​​​​​