The grade six curriculum, The Good News!, continues the unfolding drama of God’s creating and saving acts of grace throughout history. Each new act or revelation of God received and acted upon in faith and obedience by the faith community results in a creative period in the life of that community. When the revelation is ignored and rejected, the community is in danger of losing its unique identity. Faithful prophets shared messages of faith and warning with God’s people.

Grade six picks up with Israel’s exile in Babylon and their attempts to deal with all the problems that slavery brings. The period of return to Judah is a creative time for Israel. Once again they are confronted with religious and moral issues. The period between the testaments is featured as a prologue to the new work of God in Jesus the Messiah. God continues to act in new ways by sending the Holy Spirit and in calling the church, the new Israel, to be the body of Christ in the world.

The Good News for sixth graders is an increasing understanding that Jesus the Messiah is here for them too. He is ever-present and filled with love.