​MEA and Cognia have entered into partnership to provide a joint accreditation protocol for MSC schools. The joint accreditation combines the MEA faith indicators with the globally recognized accreditation body of Cognia which already serves several MSC member schools. Cognia works in partnership with agencies to ensure that their unique culture and mission are transmitted to the schools and guided through the accreditation protocol and process.

Key components of the MEA/ Cognia partnership call for MEA schools to conduct a self-assessment for both Cognia and MEA in one seamless integrated process which eliminates duplication and reduces costs.

Each school must meet certain criteria to receive accreditation. MEA and MSC have approved indicators and corresponding rubrics to define quality Anabaptist Mennonite education. These indicators with an accompanying rubric are called Faith Indicators and serve as the MEA/ MSC component of the Cognia accreditation.

Schools receiving accreditation from other accrediting bodies are still able to receive MEA accreditation for the Faith Indicators. They must meet the Faith Indicators criteria to receive this accreditation.

For more information on accreditation contact Dawn Graber at DawnG@MennoniteEducation.org.