Carlos Romero,
Executive Director

Carlos Romero was born into a Catholic family in Puerto Rico. As a child he attended a Mennonite school. Under the influence of Mennonite teachers, many of who were part of voluntary service, his excitement for Anabaptist teachings and development of a Mennonite identity began.

Romero’s passion and experience for the Mennonite church and education led to his being asked to join MEA as the executive director upon its formation in 2001. Full Biography

Senior Directors
Lisa Heinz,
Senior director for operations and chief financial officer

Elaine Moyer,
Senior director

Marco Güete,
Director of Hispanic Pastoral and Leadership Education office

Violeta Ajquejay,
Associate director for HPLE

Clara Swald,
Executive assistant and Office Manager

Evon Castro,
Administrative assistant
Jo Helmuth,
Data Manager and Event Coordinator
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