Goshen College alum named head coach of the Italian women’s flag football national team


by Ottawa University and available here

FIDAF [Italian Federation of American Football] Press Office – ufficiostampa@fidaf.org – 0331 770343
December 15, 2023

Following Omar Passera’s resignation as Head Coach of the women’s national team, FIDAF scored a sensational victory by appointing Katie Sowers [’09 Goshen College], a former coach in the NFL and the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl LIV with the San Francisco 49ers). 

We knew that the Olympic dream was already taking shape at the FIDAF as soon as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced flag football was being added to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games program. But the sensational news officially announced today during the press conference presenting the senior tackle season in Rome will make headlines well beyond Italy’s borders. 
The national women’s senior flag football team will be coached for the next four years by Katie Sowers, a former pro player in the Women’s Football Alliance, and more importantly coach with several NFL teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs and in particular the San Francisco 49ers, with whom she got to Super Bowl LIV. Over the past two years, Katie Sowers moved to Ottawa University, in Kansas, where she was appointed as the Director of Athletic Strategic Initiatives and also coached the university’s women’s flag football team. 

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