The Mennonite Education Agency (MEA) was formed with the birth of Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) in 2002. It brought together the schools of the Higher Education Council of the former General Conference Mennonite Church and the schools of the Mennonite Board of Education of the former Mennonite Church. Because of diverse ways schools related to the church, statements of arrangements were developed in which schools had different relationships to the new church.

Since 2002, MC USA identity and practice has developed in ways that are different than either of the two former denominations. This shift has changed the dynamics of church and school relationships. These changes, along with questions raised by the higher education institutions, led to the appointment of a task force by the MEA to develop a revised statement of relationship between the church and higher education schools.

Click on the PDF link below to continue reading the proposal put forth by the Higher Education Future/Church School Relations Committee, or "Task Force." Please send any questions or feedback to Twila Albrecht at


Higher Education and MC USA Proposal 2017.pdf



Contributed by Mennonite Church USA/MEA Staff  –  10/4/2017