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our mission

is to strengthen Mennonite Education

for restorative leadership, work, and service 

throughout the church and the world.

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Mennonite Education Agency (MEA) walks alongside Anabaptist-Mennonite educational institutions to provide resources, programing and support to schools, empowering teachers and administrators to continue the life-transforming work of Anabaptist-Mennonite education.

MEA ties church and school together with the intention of maintaining a mutually edifying identity, while working together to ensure students receive a quality Anabaptist-Mennonite education.


Mennonite education is transforming students to be…

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Christ followers

Christ followers are students who have been given an opportunity to learn about and study the Bible and Biblical interpretation. They have received both technical knowledge and practical knowledge that they may claim their faith as their own and live out their faith as followers of Christ.


service-givers.jpgService givers

Service givers are students who have been taught, through the example of Christ, what it means to go out and wash others' feet. Service givers are instilled with values that emphasize giving back through hands-on opportunities to serve others and connect with service organizations.



peace-seekers.jpgPeace seekers

Peace seekers are students who seek to be in right relationship with all those they encounter. These students understand that violence is not the answer, have the tools to approach conflict in healthy ways and strive to treat others with love, kindness and respect, even with those they disagree.



rigorous-learners-3.jpgRigorous learners

Rigorous learners approach subjects through multiple lenses, various mediums and new ways, exploring further and cementing knowledge as their own. They are given developmentally appropriate curriculum that not only teaches the required material but challenges students to put their learning into practice.



Difference Embracers.PNGDifference embracers

Difference embracers see the world as a diverse place made up of many peoples and cultures. They have been given opportunities to go and interact in settings dramatically different from their own. They are taught that the world is bigger than their communities and instead are given the tools needed to see diversity as a rich blessing to be sought out and from which to learn.



Community Builders.pngCommunity Builders

Community builders intentionally engage with others around them. They have a deep understanding of the body of Christ, with each part uniquely gifted and essential to the whole. Community builders experience healthy community mirrored by teachers and faculty, through activities geared to build school community, and in interaction with the community outside their institutions.


…that they might bring Christ's light of hope and healing to a hurting world.


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Mennonites, Education and Mennonite Church USA

Mennonite education is holistic education that raises students to be Christ followers, service givers, peace seekers, rigorous learners, difference embracers and community builders. Mennonite education is grounded in Anabaptist-Mennonite faith and values. To learn more about Mennonites and Anabaptists visit MennoniteUSA.org.

MEA, Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite schools

Mennonite Education Agency is one of five agencies that serve Mennonite Church USA. Two of MEA's five – seven board members are appointed by Mennonite Church USA Executive Board or the Delegate Assembly. MEA works in collaboration with other Mennonite Church USA agencies, upholds the Confession of Faith from a Mennonite Perspective, the Shared Convictions of Mennonite World Conference, and the other documents on faith and life of the church adopted by the Delegate Assembly and the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA. MEA relates to the following institutions and programs:

Mennonite Colleges/Universities: Bethel College, Kansas; Bluffton University, Ohio; Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia; Goshen College, Indiana; and Hesston College, Kansas

Mennonite Schools Council (MSC):

Academia Menonita Betania, Puerto Rico

Bethany Christian School, Indiana

Central Christian School, Ohio

Colegio Americas Unidas, Colombia

Dock Mennonite Academy, Pennsylvania

Eastern Mennonite School, Virginia

Freeman Academy, South Dakota

Hillcrest Academy, Iowa

Hinkletown Mennonite School, Pennsylvania

Kraybill Mennonite School, Pennsylvania

Lancaster Mennonite School, Pennsylvania

Lezha Academic Center, Albania

Peace Academic Center, Arizona

Quakertown Christian School, Pennsylvania

Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Canada

Shalom Christian Academy, Pennsylvania

The City School, Pennsylvania

United Mennonite Educational Institute, Canada

West Fallowfield Christian School, Pennsylvania

Western Christian School, Oregon

Mennonite Early Childhood Network (MECN): Birth - kindergarten education

Hispanic Ministries Education: Theological and biblical education programs operated by MEA

Hispanic Ministries Education programs 

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IBA - Instituto Bíblico Anabautista 

(Anabaptist Biblical Institute)

IBA logo.png

IBA was founded in 1988 to provide Spanish-language biblical and theological education to equip leaders who will serve in various ministries within Mennonite Church USA. It provides sound biblical teaching from an Anabaptist perspective to persons at all educational levels. The program operates through study centers in local congregations, facilitated by volunteer tutors. Two levels of study are offered: certificate and diploma level.

Students are typically active leaders serving in their congregations as Sunday school teachers, deacons, pastors, church planters and various other roles. The number of students and study centers changes frequently as classes do not follow the traditional school year. At any given time over 200 students are actively enrolled in 25 study centers located throughout the country.

More than 130 students have completed the IBA program in the last five years.

IBA is beginning to offer courses in English as translations become available. 


SeBAH photo.png

SeBAH - Seminario Bíblico Anabautista Hispano

(Hispanic Anabaptist Biblical Seminary)

SeBAH logo.png

SeBAH is a Spanish undergraduate level biblical, theological and ministerial education program primarily for active leaders in U.S. Hispanic Anabaptist-Mennonite congregations. It provides an open, formal, alternative education that is accessible and affordable to Hispanic Mennonite leaders, regardless of their geographical location. The program combines face-to-face and distance education using instructors remotely (via e-mail and Moodle platforms) and local mentors with the involvement of the regional conference ministers.

The SeBAH program consists of eight courses, two workshops and a final pastoral project, totaling 28 credit hours. Graduation can occur within 27 months. Students can earn a "Certificate in Pastoral Ministry" with recognition by a chosen Mennonite educational institution.

SeBAH provides an alternative means of training that promotes a Hispanic biblical theological identity, is faithful to the Anabaptist heritage, and meets the needs of the Hispanic Mennonite congregations in the United States in their desire to train their ministerial staff in their own context. 






Executive Director

position description

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect." Romans 12:2 

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MEA is an agency of Mennonite Church USA. It works collaboratively with the Mennonite Higher Education Agency (MHEA), Mennonite Schools Council (MSC), Hispanic Ministries Educational ministries and churches. Its primary focus is helping to grow local congregations through Christ-centered, Anabaptist-Mennonite educational vision and practice in affiliated schools and educational programs.  


The MEA Executive Director has a deep commitment to a Christ-centered Anabaptist understanding of faith and life. They:

  • Anticipate needs and opportunities, and listen to the wisdom and experience of others to identify appropriate directions for growth and change.

  • Develop collective vision and actions that enable Mennonite education across all levels to flourish so that churches are strengthened.

  • Lead with vision and flexibility.

  • Understand, support and pursue relationships, collaboration and collective actions across all of Mennonite education.

  • Articulate the value and purpose of Mennonite education.

  • Seize new opportunities and act quickly as they arise. 


    The Executive Director reports to the Mennonite Education Agency Board of Directors and is accountable to the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA.


    Gives leadership to

    MEA staff

  • Is actively committed to a Christ-centered faith with an Anabaptist-Mennonite understanding.

  • Demonstrates creative vision, planning and responsiveness.

  • Participates, or is willing to participate, in a Mennonite Church USA congregation.

  • Holds a graduate degree in a related field, preferably a terminal degree.

  • Brings relevant experience in educational leadership, preferably in K-12 and higher education levels.

  • Demonstrates strong relational and communication skills.

  • Has experience in collaboration and collective impact approaches to enable organizations to achieve common vision and goals.

  • Benefits from personal experience in working with organizations in systems that work together for the common good.

  • Evidence of a demonstrated commitment to inclusion, diversity, multiculturalism and anti-racism.


    Goals / Responsibilities / Collaborations

    To advance Christ-centered Anabaptist Mennonite education the MEA Executive Director will focus on the following seven areas of responsibility: 


1)   Work closely with the denomination and congregations to increase the percentage of Mennonite students attending Mennonite schools. 


2)   Ensure strong and supportive relationships with MHEA, MSC and Hispanic Ministries Education.



3)   Create collective advancement opportunities that increase financial investments in Anabaptist-Mennonite education.


4)   Work with MHEA to create, establish and maintain innovative programs and courses that are relevant and available in many formats and easily accessible.


5)   Model and help build financial stability for Anabaptist-Mennonite schools.


6)   Promote innovative, holistic academic programs that strengthen our Anabaptist distinctives.


7)   Grow visionary leadership styles that encourages flexibility and nurtures education rooted in Anabaptist faith and life. 

Qualified applicants should submit


  • Cover letter expressing your interest in the position


  • Current resume or curriculum vitae


  • 4 references, please provide names and contact information (references will not be checked until the candidate gives permission)

  • Statement of educational philosophy

  • Statement articulating your personal Christian faith and practices.


Please submit application documents to jolenev@MennoniteEducation.org
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Contributed by MEA Staff  –  1/12/2021