(Mennonite Education Agency) — Anabaptist Learning Institute (ALI) is a program of the Mennonite Schools Council (MSC) and is designed to provide an intentional Christ-centered orientation and professional education program for teachers, pastors and other leaders. ALI seeks to unify the Anabaptist community under a common set of educational experiences that encourage dialog about faith and values. ALI participants refine and implement their philosophy of teaching and learning. 


ALI offers 10 graduate semester hours leading to a Mennonite Education Agency seal as an Anabaptist Educator. Graduate credit for ALI courses is offered through the Master of Arts in education program at Eastern Mennonite University and Bluffton University's graduate programs in education.


The following online course is offered beginning January 2019:


     EDU 521 Understanding the Roots of Community (Online January 16 – April 16, 2019)

Instructor: Gerald Mast Ph.D.

Bluffton University

$630 + $15 = $645 copyright fee for content available online [MSC discount cost]


To take an online course, participants need a computer with internet access, a web cam and a plug-in sound device. Course content will be provided through Moodle, which is a Learning Management System.


Cost: $420 per credit hour, plus course materials and textbooks

*MSC members receive a 50% discount ($210) on the credit hour cost.


Credit*: All participants for the class must be officially registered.

*Act 48 credit for Pennsylvania teachers is granted for letter grade registration only. Audit credit is not honored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Registration online: http://www.mennoniteeducation.org/Schools/MSC/Pages/ALI.aspx

Questions: Call 215-527-4800 or email ALI@MennoniteEducation.org​​

Contributed by Mennonite Church USA/MEA Staff  –  12/10/2018