February 6-8, 2020

Mennonite Educators Conference

National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA 

MEC 2020 Program Book

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Lead Sponsor: Everence


 Conference Vision and Objectives: 

  • Theme: Unleashing Curiosity – Igniting Hope
  • Vision: Nurture faith-filled learning communities of creativity and peace to solve critical challenges and bring hope to our world.
  • Objectives:
    • Primary:
      • To inspire, support, and encourage educators in our Early Childhood – 12 schools
      • To build understanding of Anabaptist vision, pedagogy, and best practice
      • To provide professional development opportunities for educators to learn from each other and to establish working networks, enabling them to keep connected between conferences.
    • Secondary:
      • To provide intentional space and leadership to promote Encounter as the MSC Bible and faith formative curriculum.
      • To identify stories that prospective families need to hear.
      • To cultivate opportunities for current educators and education students in our colleges and universities to network with one another and catch a wider vision of Anabaptist Christian education.
  • Target audience:
    • Teachers in MSC schools
    • Admissions personnel in MSC schools