Course Themes Matrix

Course Focus Foundations Anabaptist history Peace, justice and diversity Anabaptist pedagogy
Course Title   
EDAI 511
Learning the Language
EDAI 521
Understanding the Roots
EDAI 531
Building Caring Communities
EDAI 541
Shaping a Community of Learners
The Essential Question
Who are the Mennonites?
What fuels radical Anabaptist discipleship?
How do we love?
How do we learn?
Institutional community
Believing community – owned faith
Relational community
Classroom community
Personal Faith
Confession of faith
Response to Anabaptism
Modeling peace
Mission statement and autobiography
Biblical Story
Confession of faith
Anabaptist distinctives
Peace and justice; love your neighbor
Caring and compassionate classroom
Class Format
Online, onsite instruction
Lecture, reading
Lecture, project
Reflection, observation, writing
History – Past to present
World and global awareness
From person to the classroom
Classroom Tools
(in-class activities)
What is my context – Mennonite world view
What are the foundations – Creates context for the theology of Anabaptists; brings foundations into the classroom
How we deal with relationships in the classroom – Mediation and restorative discipline
How do I teach – Teaching practice that reflects faith

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