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Mennonite educators have worked very hard to provide effective educational programs for their students for many decades.  Whether at the PreK-12 level or at one of the higher education institutions, Mennonites have been concerned that students learn how to think and communicate.  Alumni of these schools have been challenged to exercise their influence in ways that honor Christ, as understood from the perspective of our Anabaptist heritage.

Some families have looked for similar curricular programming to guide and assist their home schooling efforts.  Two curricular options offered with an Anabaptist Mennonite perspective are available for consideration -- Journeys with God, a K-8 Bible curriculum produced by the Mennonite Schools Council (MSC), and the Christian Light Education (CLE) K-12 curriculum.

Journeys with God curriculum

The Journeys with God curriulum was developed by MSC teachers and has been through a major revision and updating process.  Courses are available on this website and may be downloaded. The Journeys with God curriculum was designed with teacher-directed courses but may be adapted for homeschool use.  Click here for more information.

Christian Light Education (CLE) K-12 curriculum

While not an unqualified endorsement because every family or school needs to conduct its own investigation into these resources, we are pleased to suggest that the curricular resources of Christian Light Education (CLE) should be at the top of your curricular options list.

CLE offers a complete curriculum for K-12 for home school families and for the traditional classroom, including high school electives.  Courses may be purchased individually, as needed.  School teachers and administrators may wish to explore the same courses for use in the traditional classroom.

Several pieces of information may be helpful in your considerations of this curriculum.  CLE has been developing curriculum for over 25 years.  Their curricular materials have been developed, tested and refined by qualified classroom teachers.  Test results for the California Achievement Tests administered to all CLE Homeschoolers consistently show CLE students performing about one grade level above the national average.  The entire curriculum has been developed from the Anabaptist Mennonite theological perspective.

CLE contact information:

Call toll free:  877-226-8010 or 540-434-0750
Fax:  540-433-8896


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