About MSC (Mennonite Schools Council)

Mennonite Schools Council (MSC) is an organization of PreK-12 Anabaptist Schools. (Click for map.) MSC operates with a Statement of Arrangements with Mennonite Education Agency of Mennonite Church USA. Click here for a PDF of the general MSC brochure.

MSC meets regularly during the year to plan and carry out various activities and programs. The Council plans in-service activities for the professional enrichment of administrators, board members, and staff persons of its member schools, and for personal enrichment of administrators. Activities are carried out with sensitivity to the uniqueness of the supporting constituency of each member school.

The chief administrator of each member school serves as the official school representative in Council meetings. When the chief administrator cannot be present, an assistant administrator shall represent the school.

E-mail MSC@MennoniteEducation.org to inquire about the council or council membership.




In partnership with the church, MSC advances Christ-centered PreK-12 education by networking schools and equipping them to implement the vision of Anabaptist/Mennonite education.






MSC schools offer students a distinctive, nurturing educational experience that 

  • is Christ-centered,
  • features educational excellence,
  • provides faith-infused opportunities,
  • takes place within caring community, and
  • emphasizes peace and service.

Focused in Christ
Mennonite schools are based on the vision that Jesus is central to life. They call students to acknowledge Jesus' presence in their lives and to be followers of Christ. Jesus becomes the center of life, the world, history, creation and all learning. Students are challenged to follow Christ in all aspects of daily life.
Christian Teachers
Teachers are at the heart of a Christ-centered school. For them, teaching is not just a job; it's a calling. Along with academic instruction, Christian teachers, coaches, administrators and staff model Christ's love to students and incorporate Christ's teachings into the classroom, athletics and daily work.
A Different World View
One of the most important tasks of Christian schools is to help young people form their framework of values. Graduates of our schools are involved in the life and witness of the church in their home communities and around the world. Follow-up studies show that Mennonite schools make a positive difference in the lives of their students that lasts a lifetime.
A Different Interaction of Faith and Knowledge
Faith and knowledge are not competitors; in Mennonite schools they feed each other. Whether through daily chapel, scripture memorization, classroom prayer or animated discussions, our schools integrate faith and knowledge and keep Christ as the focus of learning.
At Mennonite schools, values are both taught and modeled.

Strong Academics
Our goal is to prepare students for college and career in the twenty-first century. To do this requires strong academics and a challenging curriculum at all levels. For example, Mennonite high schools offer:
  • Advanced Placement classes
  • Honors courses
  • Fine arts classes
  • Practical arts courses

At Mennonites schools, education embraces more than academics. Anabaptist education addresses the whole person—intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Along with excellent academics, our schools offer a variety of co-curricular activities such as art, music and sports. These activities are integrated into a holistic educational package that prepares students for well-rounded lives.

Educational excellence is a given in a Mennonite school. According to parents, the attention to the social, emotional and spiritual dimensions is the added value that makes our schools a good investment.


At Mennonite schools, faith-infused opportunities means the chance to develop gifts and interests in Christian communities of grace, peace and joy. Students:
  • Develop their gifts and interests in art, music, drama and sports in faith-infused communities
  • Experience God's love and compassion on the soccer field, in the classroom and as part of the school chorus
  • Receive special academic help and support
    Enjoy the chance for advanced placement study

Faith-infused opportunities also means connections:

  • With people and organizations that can help students reach their goals
  • With Christian friends, teachers, and leaders
  • With the broader church, its programs and institutions

At Mennonite schools, students have the opportunity to thrive and grow in communities that bring healing and hope to the world.



The basis for any school is its relationship to its supporting community. Therefore, education is a matter of what community we choose to shape our identity. Mennonite schools work in partnership with church and home to nurture youth in Christian faith.
A Mentoring Community
Mennonite schools bring youth together with Christian adult mentors. The teachers become more than just teachers: they become students' friends.
A Caring Community
At Mennonite schools, people know each other and take interest in each other as Christian friends. Our schools are great places to build lasting friendships because friends share similar values.
A Hopeful Community
Mennonite schools are places of hope and peace. Because of faith in Christ the atmosphere of the schools nurture a sense of contentment and well-being among students.
A Fun Community
Mennonite schools are places of fun. The positive outlook of teachers and students contributes to an overall atmosphere where wholesome laughter comes easily.
A Redemptive Community
The church is not perfect and Mennonite schools are not perfect. Where problems exist, Mennonite schools seek to resolve conflict and restore relationships according to biblical principles. We believe in open dialogue that encourages growth by working though problems rather than ignoring them.
At Mennonite schools, students find an education that includes friends and memories they will treasure for life.

Mennonite schools recognize that peace is first nurtured by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. From that beginning point, students learn that God calls all people to be agents of reconciliation, whether in school or as members of the global community. Students at our schools have opportunities to interact with service workers who are involved both locally and internationally.

Many students at Mennonite schools volunteer their time regularly in peer tutoring, local health organizations, and other service agencies. Most Mennonite schools have school-wide days of service at local nonprofit agencies, and many have class and co-curricular projects. Some have Service Term to provide older students with opportunities to experience the challenges and joys of serving others.


Educational Vision


MSC educators believe that God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe and that, in response to God’s love, we are called to live out the teachings of Jesus in daily life. In light of this conviction, MSC schools teach students to
  • respect and value all people – of varying abilities, socioeconomic levels, and racial/ethnic identities – as unique creations of God;
  • excel academically in accordance with their God-given gifts;
  • build caring communities of teachers and students grounded in trust and hope, recognizing all as learners;
  • live peaceably with others, resolve differences nonviolently, and practice restorative discipline;
  • study the scriptures through the eyes of Jesus;
  • grow in Christian maturity by practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, simplicity, meditation, service, and worship;
  • share faith stories;
  • discover and own their Christian vocations through faith-infused opportunities; and
  • offer primary allegiance to God, respect the environment and all peoples of our world, and live generously and responsibly within their local communities.


End Purpose


Graduates of Mennonite schools follow Jesus Christ and, in response to God’s love, grow in grace, joy, and peace so that God’s healing and hope flow through them to the world.


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