Steps to Accreditation

The process of seeking accreditation will provide opportunity for internal examination and reflection and external review and reflection of the entire school program.  The internal process will involve faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and local community representatives.  The external process will engage a visiting team made up of experienced school leaders brought to campus to review and verify the findings of the self-study.
An effective accreditation process demands the involvement of every aspect of the school currently under review.  School administrators and boards must commit to provide the time and resources necessary to complete this important process.  Here is a simple outline of the steps normally involved in the accreditation process.
Questions about accreditation may be referred to Mennonite Education Agency, 574-642-3164 or


School board and administration review the process of securing accreditation, and determine to pursue accreditation.               


The school administrator will contact a representative of the Mennonite Education Agency and the appropriate regional accrediting agency to express the school's interest in pursuing accreditation.  Each regional accrediting body has a different process.  Some may require prior membership before permitting a school to move into 'candidacy status.'  These contacts are critical as both MEA and the regional accrediting agency have a number of details to coordinate before the self-study process begins.


The school completes the self-study, a process that may take about 10 to 15 months.


The completed self-study is submitted to both MEA and the regional accreditating body for review.


The visiting committee appointed jointly by MEA and the regional accrediting body visit the campus to review the self-study and to validate the findings.  The visiting team determines whether to recommend accreditation or another status to both accrediting bodies.


Based on a review of the self-study and the visiting team report, each accrediting body will independently determine whether to grant accreditation, deny accreditation or determine an intermediate action.


If granted, accreditation is authorized for a period of time, usually five to 10 years, before the self-study and accreditation review cycle begins again. 


Most accrediting bodies will expect annual reports of progress.  MEVTV concludes with a strategic plan the school will be expected to address over the upcoming period, and updates will be included in the annual reporting processes.
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