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Biblical training can be found at the center of each Mennonite or Anabaptist school curriculum. The first and foremost Mennonite schools' distinctive advocates for "Christ-centered" education and programming throughout each school. Excellent Biblical teaching lies at the foundation of the successful Mennonite and Anabaptist school.


This Web page contains biblical curriculum resources used by Mennonite and Anabaptist schools. These materials were created by classroom teachers of Bible and have been used in a variety of school settings. They are offered here for your use.


What's working for you? If you have used or created an excellent Bible teaching resource and are willing to share it here, please e-mail the document or information to Use the same e-mail address to submit any questions.


Use the materials and respect others. The materials and ideas presented on this Web page were provided by teachers in Mennonite schools and represent valuable intellectual property. You are encouraged to use these materials and to respect the rights of those who created them by giving proper credit as appropriate.


Journeys with God curriculum for grades PreK-8

Journeys with God, a comprehensive Bible curriculum for grades PreK-8, was developed by Mennonite school teachers for use in their classrooms. The curriculum has been successfully utilized for almost a decade and underwent a revision that updated the content and made it available electronically. The Journeys with God curriculum is owned by the Mennonite Schools Council (MSC).


MSC High School Bible Curriculum

This curriculum was first written in 1990 by Elam Peachey as a project of what was then the Mennonite Secondary Education Council (MSEC). Written with support from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and in consultation with the MSEC Bible teachers, a core curriculum was designed to bring an Anabaptist perspective to Bible instruction and to facilitate a more consistent Bible curriculum at the various Mennonite high schools. The titles for each course is as follows:

  • The People of God: A Story Begun (grade 9)
  • The People of God: The Story Continued: Jesus and the Church (grade 10)
  • The People of God: Growth and Struggles of the Church in History (grade 11)
  • The People of God: Kingdom Living (grade 12)

This new “edition” maintains much of the original, but in an electronically accessible format. While the course outlines themselves have been only slightly modified to recognize changes such as world politics, developing church history, or advances in science and technology, the resource lists have changed dramatically and include many online resources. Click here to view or download the entire curriculum or specific sections.


Sample syllabi for Grades 9-12 Bible courses

Through Fire and Water: An Overview of Mennonite History

Through Fire and Water was originally written by Harry Loewen and Steven M. Nolt and was revised by Steven M. Nolt in 2010. Written in an accessible and nonacademic style, this engaging text uses stories of men and women, peasants and pastors, heroes and rascals, to trace the radical Reformation from sixteenth-century Europe to today’s global Anabaptist family. For more information about Through Fire And Water, or to order copies go to:


Windows into Anabaptism

Four stories, Windows into Anabaptism, were created by Alan and Eleanor Kreider and are available on this Web site.  Teachers should use their discretion regarding the use of the stories, but they should be effective with middle school and high school students. In the original public presentation of the stories, Alan and Eleanor read each story interactively. The four stories cover the core themes of Anabaptists beliefs and values.


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