MSC Music Festivals
Music has been a central expression of faith in the lives of Mennonite believers and their Anabaptist forefathers.  Music found its way into the hearts of Mennonite schools early, and over forty Mennonite high school music festivals have been presented in the United States and Canada.  The festival choirs have swelled to almost 600 participants in recent years.
In 2007, the first regional festivals were conducted.  The plan includes a combined, full festival every other year when the location can host the larger choir.  The regional choir groupings are listed and will be used for the regional festival years.
* Policy #1120 calls for the festival to be held the second Sunday of April, unless Easter falls on that date. In such a year, MSC shall choose an alternate date. The dates below with asterisks are adjusted dates because Easter falls on the second Sunday of April.
Region I Group
Region II Group
Belleville Mennonite School
Academia Menonita
Central Christian School
Bethany Christian Schools
Iowa Mennonite School
Christopher Dock Mennonite School
Lancaster Mennonite School
Eastern Mennonite High School
Philadelphia Mennonite High School
Freeman Academy
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
Lake Center Christian School
Sarasota Christian School
Shalom Christian Academy
Western Mennonite School
United Mennonite Educational Institute

Year Dates Host School(s) Full/Regional  
2014 April 11-13 Freeman & Sarasota Regional  
2015 April 10-12 Bethany Full  
2016 April 8-10 Iowa Full  
2017 April 7-9 UMEI & Belleville Regional  
2018 April 6-8 Eastern Full  
2019 April 12-14 Lancaster Full  
2020 April 3-5* Shalom & Philadelphia Regional  
2021 April 9-11 Lake Center Full  
2022 April 8-10 Rockway Full  
2023 April 14-16* Western & Academia Regional  
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