Introduction to Mennonite Education Agency 


Mennonite Education Agency is guided by the following:
The mission of Mennonite Education Agency is to strengthen the life, witness and identity of Mennonite Church USA through education.
*The Mission, Vision, Purposes and Outcomes document was adopted by MEA Board of Directors, October 5, 2003
“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.” - Romans 12:2
Advocating for the vision and mission of Anabaptist-Mennonite education in church and school. 
Developing and maintaining the vision for and the long-term interests of Anabaptist-Mennonite education.
Discerning the educational needs of the church and developing schools and programs that best meet these needs.
Dismantling racism in MEA and the schools.
Encouraging and enabling schools to collaborate in ways that ensure that the common good of Mennonite education and the church will take precedence over specific institutional self-interest.
Facilitating cooperation, collaboration and coordination among Mennonite Church USA educational institutions and between these institutions and other church programs.
Providing services in support of the missions of the educational institutions.
Providing for the establishment and maintenance of accountability and support relationships between the schools and the church.
People touched by MEA-affiliated schools, institutions and programs grow intellectually, spiritually and strengthen the life, witness and identity of Mennonite Church USA.
1. Church Relations. MEA, its institutions and the wider church support one another in discerning educational needs.
Mennonite Church USA area conferences, congregations, and members support the institutions by sending students and providing resources; the institutions provide intellectual and spiritual training for individuals to serve the church and its mission at home and in the world. MEA maintains accountability for strong relationships between church and school, promoting the long-term interests of Anabaptist-Mennonite education—interests that transcend specific institutional goals.
2. Transformational Leadership. MEA and its institutions develop the vision of Christ-centered, servant leadership in those who attend, support and serve Mennonite Church USA schools.
Mindful of Mennonite commitments to an “upside down” kingdom, MEA advocates a transformational approach to dismantling racism, restorative justice, peace building, and community empowerment. MEA and its institutions support programs, scholarship, and recruitment practices that address these visionary endeavors.
3. Support Services. MEA provides services in support of the missions of its schools.
Working with the schools and their statements of arrangements with the agency, MEA provides assistance in the form of consultation, counseling, staffing, research, sponsorships, appointments, etc. in helping schools achieve their missions.
4. Viable Access. Students seeking Christ-centered Anabaptist-Mennonite education have viable access to Mennonite Church USA schools.
Working with the schools on issues related to location, delivery system, cost, transfer and outreach to the under-served, MEA envisions and supports programs and initiatives that facilitate ready accessibility.
*The Outcomes were revised by MEA Board of Directors, March 18, 2006.
Strategic Vision*
Drive the growth of Mennonite Church USA by equipping our educational systems, with innovative tools and vibrant connections.
Equipping Innovations Connections
Delivering functional tools Generating creative ideas
Spanning geographies, and church entities (schools, conferences, congregations and individuals)
Initiating networking tools Developing new initiatives and tools Connecting those who can mutually benefit
Facilitating personnel tools
Reapplying best practice education ideas
Linking networks across Mennonite USA organizations and individuals
*The Strategic Vision was adopted by the MEA Baord of Directors, June 21, 2008, for a five-year period (2007-2012).
On behalf of Mennonite Church USA, MEA helps provide leadership to the elementary and secondary schools of Mennonite Schools Council, colleges, universities and seminaries. These church schools provide a Mennonite educational experience to students of all ages. They nurture servant leaders for the church and for communities and families throughout the U.S. and beyond.

We also work with conferences, congregations and individuals throughout the church involved in and passionate about the unique qualities of Mennonite education. By linking schools with the church and its missional vision, we help build a faithful future for Mennonite Church USA.
Mennonite Education Agency oversees or participates in the following programs: 
Anabaptist Congregations in Secular Education Settings (ACSES): Network/ "virtual community" of Mennonite congregations located near secular universities.
Anabaptist Learning Institute (ALI): ALI is a program of the Mennonite Schools Council (MSC) and is designed to provide an intentional Christ-centered orientation and professional education program for teachers, pastors and other leaders. ALI offers 10 graduate semester hours leading to an MEA seal as an Anabaptist Educator.
Education Leaders Gathering (ELG): Board members and administrators of Mennonite educational institutions join together to strengthen their understanding of their unique mission as Mennonite educators, understand more of what Anabaptist beliefs and values have to offer to the world, consider fresh ways of effectively educating students, exchange ideas, and network.
Faculty Calling Project: Helps Mennonite higer education institutions locate prospective faculty members. MEA publicizes employment opportunities in all levels of education.
Fund for Peoplehood Education: Provides grants in support of projects to strengthen church-school relationships.
Hispanic Pastoral and Leadership Education (HPLE): Program that offers MenoAcontecer (Menno Happenings), a free monthly Mennonite electronic magazine in Spanish; Instituto Bíblico Anabautista (IBA), a biblical and theological education program for leadership training; Seminario Bíblico Anabautista (SBA), a biblical and theological education program at a higher level than IBA which includes both distance and onsite components; and continuing education events for Hispanic pastors.
Mennonite Early Childhood Network (MECN): Establishes connections between Mennonite educators who work with kindergarten and prekindergarten children in a variety of settings, with an emphasis on partnering with parents.    
Mennonite Education Agency institutional accreditation: Self-study and accreditation program for PreK-12 schools that examines the effectiveness of the school in passing along Anabaptist values and beliefs.
Mennonite Education Agency Investment Fund LLC: Provides a perpetual source of support (within the parameters of socially responsible investing) to the endowed and scholarship programs of Mennonite Church USA institutions.
Mennonite Educators Conference: Provides a setting for faculty and administrators to think intentionally about how faith-building moments can shape the core of Christ-centered educational activities throughout the PreK-12 student experience.
Mennonite Higher Education Faculty Conference: A gathering of Mennonite higher education faculty to share papers and presentations around their roles in the church and on the higher education campuses, with particular focus on conveying Anabaptist beliefs and values to their students. 
Racial/Ethnic Leadership Education (RELE) programs: Focus on touching the growing numbers of Racial/Ethnic people in Mennonite Church USA, their congregations and their communities. The Lark Leadership Scholarship, a program of African-American Mennonite Association (AAMA), provides financial assistance to students in AAMA-related churches. The Native Education and Training (NET) program is administered in association with Native Mennonite Ministries and offers scholarships to Native American people relating to Mennonite Church USA congregations. RELE also helps support the Hispanic Pastoral and Leadership Education (HPLE) program.
Youth Census: Collects and makes available to Mennonite groups demographic and contact information about Mennonite students of all ages in the United States, to promote access to church programs and activities.

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