ALI Course Descriptions

EDAI 511  Learning the Language of Community     1sh
An overview of key concepts critical to successful operation within the Mennonite Anabaptist community will be presented including an introduction to the people, the organizations and the vision of the church.  Three key questions will be examined:  What is the ethics base for Mennonite education?  What is discipleship within the Mennonite Anabaptist community? What do you believe and model about truth seeking?
EDAI 521 (or EDU 512)  Understanding the Roots of  Community     3sh
This course explores the theology and history of the Anabaptist movement, inviting students to articulate the significance of this movement for themselves as person and teacher.  Who are the Anabaptists?  Where do they come from?  What is their story?  What do Anabaptists believe?  How do I fit into or respond to this story?
EDAI 531  Building Caring Communities     3sh
This course will explore the essential components of a vibrant diverse community with attention to service, conflict transformation, respect, simplicity and social justice.
EDAI 541  Shaping a Community of Learners     3sh
Personal values and beliefs form the integrity of the teachers’ soul and ultimately the learning environment.  Teachers will be asked to reflect on their spiritual journey, to craft a personal mission statement for teaching, and to integrate faith seamlessly into their classroom instruction.  Faith development for children and youth will inform teaching practice that is content and grade specific.  Pedagogical methods will be introduced and/or reviewed for their congruence with Anabaptist Mennonite faith and practice.
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